Field Papers: Make Digital maps with a Pen and Paper

Emir Hartato

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What are Field Papers? As this set of tutorials demonstrates, there are many ways to collect data for use in mapping. For most circumstances a smartphone or a GPS unit will provide connectivity in even the remotest of places but each has its limits. This is where field papers can fill the gaps. Using simple […]

FrontlineSMS: How to Create a Mobile Newsroom for Disaster Reporting

Imelda Albaño

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Communicating During Crisis The Philippines is an island nation of more than 100 million people living  at the doorstep of climate change. Each year Filipinos face recurring natural disaster; enduring typhoons, severe drought, floods, and coastal erosion. As journalists living in a country where disaster is a fact of life, the Philippine Network of Environmental Journalists (which […]

Choosing the right kind of map for your story

Gustavo Faleiros

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Most available databases have some element of location to them. According to officers working at the open data portal of the US government, around 90% of their datasets contain geographical information, ranging from streets names to precise coordinates. In this tutorial, we will show the different kind of maps you can use to convey information […]

Cleaning Data with Refine

Michael Bauer

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Open Refine (previously Google Refine) is a data cleaning software that uses your web browser as an interface. This means it will look like it runs on the internet but all your data remains on your machine and you do not need internet connection to work with it.

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